3 Things To Do In The Beginning of A Relationship

When a relationship is new, life always feels like a bed of roses. You think nothing can go wrong and you’re always feeling elated and happy, constantly on a high. A high caused by love because love is in the air. You think your partner is perfect and you’re sure nothing can go wrong. Life feels like a fairy-tale where there can only be happy endings. But if you’ve been on the love boat before, you probably know that this is not how love or life really works. Life is unfair and you must be wise enough to know that this feeling is temporary.

No no, we’re not trying to make you feel bad about your new-found happiness, we’re only here to tell you to be wiser. A long term, happy relationship requires a lot of effort, understanding and two people really need to be strong to face the winds of life together. For that, talking some important things at the start of the relationship can be extremely helpful.

Be Yourself

Obviously, when we want someone to like us, we put our best selves forward. We always try to look perfect, talk in a charming way and try to sound smart, interesting and what not. We’d even probably get up and go on an early morning hike if our potential boyfriend invites us for a hiking trip. But if you’re someone who would rather sleep than go hiking, then it’s better to not do things that you do not enjoy or do not see yourself doing long term right from the start.

This will make your partner set realistic expectations on you and it would be easier to meet these expectations in the long-term. Being yourself is always important and if it is a deal breaker for your partner, then he/she is not the right one for you anyway.

Talk About Goals And Near Future Plans

Though this might sound like a tough and impossible one to do at the start of a relationship, it is always better to know if you and your potential partner are on the same page about life. If yes, then all is well and you can proceed into your life of long term bliss.

However, if you are both on not on the same page and your partner is looking for a casual fling while you want to have a serious relationship, no matter how attracted you are to him/her, it will definitely end badly. So, having this talk is crucial.

Keep Your Eyes, Ears and Mind Open

It’s true what they say – we always know our partner’s flaws right from the start, but we choose to ignore it in the initial stages of a relationship. Don’t let love cloud your eyes and ignore the red flags that you see. If he has been visiting www.torontoescorts.agency, you should be aware of it. It’s always better to know what you’re getting into, decide if this is something that is acceptable for you and then deep dive into a relationship.

The above three seem like basic rules that anyone with common sense would adhere to. However, the number of times we fail to follow the above calls for a reminder to all those happily in love couples. Good or bad, it’s always better to be prepared, right?

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